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Stop Saving the Planet – An Environmentalist Manifesto


EcoJustice RadioJenny Price’s ‘Stop Saving the Planet, An Environmentalist Manifesto’ suggests a rethinking to clean up messes & roll back climate change.

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Jenny Price, Stop Saving the Planet, EcoJustice RadioAuthor Jenny Price on a More Effective Environmentalism

We’ve been “saving the planet” for decades and environmental crises just continue to compound. All this Tesla driving, green-roofed corporate headquarters, and carbon trading seems to accomplish little to nothing?—all while low-income communities of color continue to suffer the worst consequences.

STORY: Changing the Paradigm: Practicing Renegade Economics

Jenny Price’s latest book, Stop Saving the Planet, An Environmentalist Manifesto says, enough already! She suggests a plan with 39 steps to get to cleaning up the toxic messes and rolling back climate change.

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Jenny Price is a writer and public artist, and a Research Fellow at the Sam Fox School at Washington University-St. Louis. She tells stories about environment and public space, and deploys a wide variety of public arts and humanities formats to do so. Her writings include Stop Saving the Planet: An Environmentalist Manifesto (2021); Flight Maps: Adventures with Nature in Modern America; “Thirteen Ways of Seeing Nature in L.A.” and other essays; op-eds in the NY Times and LA Times; and her not-quite advice column “Green Me Up JJ.”

She has created, co-created, and sometimes stumbled into public art projects to work for environmental justice, as well as to de-privatize essential public spaces. She has co-founded the LA Urban Rangers collective, led tours of the concrete LA River, designed the alternative Nature Trail in Laumeier Sculpture Park, co-launched the “What Are You Doing?! (stop saving the planet!)” video series, and co-created the popular Our Malibu Beaches mobile phone app.

Stop Saving the Planet, Jenny Price

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Updated 31 March 2023

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