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Changing the Paradigm: Practicing Renegade Economics


EcoJustice RadioDella Z. Duncan, Renegade Economist, speaks with EcoJustice Radio on how might we use our gifts, contribute to society, meet our basic human needs & thrive collectively using regenerative economics.

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Della Z DuncanSince the pandemic began, and long before then, many would concur that capitalism in its current form is failing, here and globally. Rooted in inequity, exploitation, profiteering, and social injustice, capitalism exacerbates inequality, disempowerment, and poverty by benefiting only the few.

Currently, one out of every ten dollars spent in this country, goes to the top 1% without them ever “laboring” for it. But rather than demonize the 1%, we can change the paradigm by practicing renegade economics in our daily lives. We can choose differently. We can participate less in capitalism and instead, expand and vitalize alternative, non-capitalistic forms of economic activities that currently exist, whether that means: supporting worker-owned or energy cooperatives, forming land trusts, public or communal vs. private ownership, non-profits, rejecting growth as an absolute, consuming less, engaging in negative-interest, care, sharing, gift, New or Solidarity economics or simply purchasing from those dedicating 100% of earnings to causes and organizations benefiting the planet.

The options continue to grow. A primary catalyst is recognizing that capitalism is not an inevitability, nor are we resigned to its ruthless aspects. We can each become renegade economists and astute, wizened managers of our individual and planetary households. Ours is an opportune and urgent time to invoke systemic, inspired change.

STORY: THROWAWAY SOCIETY: Economics & Inequity of Plastic Consumption

In this show we interview Della Z. Duncan, Renegade Economist, who invites all to ponder what is the purpose of the economy? What is capital? What is value? How is wealth created & sustained? Are we engaged in meaningful work that promotes planetary health? Can economics be woven into the social and spiritual fabric of our lives vs being treated as something academic existing outside of ourselves? How might we use our gifts, contribute to society, meet our basic human needs & thrive individually and collectively? Hear Della Duncan share provocative insights from the growing movement to revolutionize our perceptions, understanding and practice of renegade economics in our lives.

STORY: Joanna Macy and The Great Turning

Della Z Duncan, Renegade Economics

Della Z Duncan hosts the Upstream Podcast, uplifting stories of regenerative economics. She supports individuals working to align their values with their work as a Right Livelihood Coach. She is a Work that Reconnects facilitator, a Senior Fellow of Social and Economic Equity at the International Inequalities Institute in the London School of Economics, the Course Development Manager of Fritjof Capra’s Capra Course on the Systems View of Life, a Gross National Happiness Master Trainer, a founding member of the Doughnut Economics California Coalition (DECC), a former faculty member of Ecological Economics at Schumacher College, and a current faculty member at the California Institute of Integral Studies and Gaia Ed. She works with organizations as a cooperatives economic consultant, and facilitates courses and retreats around the world.


STORY: Stop Saving the Planet – An Environmentalist Manifesto

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Hosted by Carry Kim
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Episode 124
Photo credit: Della Z. Duncan

Updated 6 February 2022

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