EcoJustice Radio – San Onofre as Nuclear Waste Dump – Episode 20


Since it closed for safety violations in 2012, the dangers of San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station (SONGS) between Orange County and San Diego have only continued to loom.

Carry Kim from EcoJustice Radio interviews Charles Langley, Executive Director of Public Watchdogs & esteemed Board Member, Nina Babiarz. Public Watchdogs independently monitors energy and infrastructure regulatory agencies in California. It protects the public’s access to clean water and affordable, sustainable energy in order to sustain life, nourish human dignity, and encourage world peace. Public Watchdogs is one of the main organizations advocating for the removal of nuclear waste from San Onofre State Beach.

San Onofre was permanently shuttered in 2013, and is currently undergoing the lengthy process of decommissioning which requires the SAFE “disposal” of onsite nuclear waste and the removal or containment of any radioactive materials, including spent nuclear fuel, irradiated equipment and buildings.

STORY: San Onofre Nuclear Waste Dangers Compound

Storing spent nuclear fuel in thin-walled canisters, “guaranteed” to last a mere 25 years by Southern California Edison, is considered by many in the local community and beyond, to be shockingly inadequate and a highly risky and unsafe proposition for the entire region from San Diego to Los Angeles. “Whistleblower” David Fritch and former Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Chair, Gregory Jaczko, have also raised personal concerns about the site and the negligence with which SCE is handling the decommissioning process. As a consequence of recent revelations by David Fritch, the NRC is now conducting an investigation of procedures and safety issues at San Onofre.

PHOTO CREDIT: Blacklisted News

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