Building Unity for Social Change with Kwazi Nkrumah


Guest Kwazi Nkrumah from the MLK Coalition for Greater Los Angeles discusses with EcoJustice Radio host Jessica Aldridge how unity and mass mobilization across all movements is necessary for social change and an equitable future. He speaks to how we effectively do this in an inclusive manner across interests and issues that considers priorities, roadblocks, and better relationship building. We address concerns of derailment and demobilization, and look to how we can shield and grow from those movements.

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Kwazi Nkrumah on EcoJustice Radio

We are living in unprecedented times. We are dealing with the effects of a progressively worsening climate, an impaired economic system that is at the mercy of a global pandemic, and a growing uprising centered on social and environmental justice.

Some may question our new reality and proclaim, “this is the same old song, sung once again.” Is that the case or are we at a new paradigm?  If there is some truth to the same old song, then how do we learn from the past? What the uprisings have shown us is that there is a shared mass call for equity; however, this call for equity must result in unity across all movements.

Today Kwazi Nkrumah shares his views on the purpose and necessity of Unity (across movements) in order to bring about sustained social change and an equitable future. He will discuss how we effectively do this in an inclusive manner across interests and issues that considers priorities, roadblocks, and better relationship building. When building a broader movement of organizations or mobilize large numbers of people, how do we also protect or grow from moments of derailment and demobilization?

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~ Kwazi Nkrumah is the Co-Chair of MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles for Jobs, Justice, and Peace. Kwazi is a nationally respected community and labor organizer, and a human and environmental rights activist and advocate. Over the years he has been a successful leader for economic justice efforts on behalf of tenants, homeowners, and working people. He’s also been a much-sought-after paid advocate for steelworkers, health care and social workers, psychologists, technical employees, and the faculty and librarians of five UC campuses here in Southern California.

In addition to Kwazi’s impressive advocacy work, we also want to thank and recognize Kwazi and his late partner, Sabina Virgo, who were instrumental in the founding and growth of the SoCal Climate Action Coalition since 2013, the precursor to the group producing this show, SoCal 350 Climate Action.

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Kwazi Nkrumah - EcoJustice Radio, MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles

Hosted by Jessica Aldridge from Adventures in Waste
Engineer: Blake Lampkin
Executive Producer: Jack Eidt
Show Created by Mark and JP Morris
Music: Javier Kadry
Episode 72

Updated 22 February 2021

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