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The People’s Budget LA and Reimagining Public Safety


EcoJustice RadioReverend Eddie Anderson discusses the People’s Budget Los Angeles [] and the Movement to Defund the Police in Los Angeles with EcoJustice Radio host Jessica Aldridge. He defines what it means to re-imagine policing and public safety, and how to ensure reinvestment back into Black communities. The institutions that run the USA continue to benefit from the repercussions of long-standing, systemic oppression and racism. How do we reinvent and re-imagine the power structures? How do we change the economic system and fund a budget that is community-centered? Listen to the show to find out more!

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What Does Defund the Police in Los Angeles Mean?

The People’s Budget LA is a coalition led by Black Lives Matter Los Angeles (BLMLA) demanding a city budget that invests in the well-being of communities with priority on supporting the underserved and marginalized. The People’s Budget LA coalition worked to pass Measure J in November 2020, which permanently guarantees that an additional portion of the LA County budget goes to community investment and alternatives to incarceration. Coalition members are now focused on the implementation of this measure.

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People’s Budget LA Demands

Demand that the Mayor and City Council make drastic changes to LA’s budget, including a new approach to public safety and substantial investments in Black and Brown communities. This includes:

Defund the police: 54% of the unrestricted General Fund is currently allocated to LAPD. We demand that City Council and the Mayor disinvest from the police.

Reverend Edward L. Anderson is a social activist and ordained minister serving McCarty Memorial Christian Church [] in West Adams, Los Angeles. Anderson is an active advocate for Black Lives Matter, a convener and Co-Chair of the New Poor People’s Campaign in California and is a Bethany and Preston Taylor Fellow.

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Black Los Angeles Demands:

Hosted by Jessica Aldridge from Adventures in Waste []
Engineer: Blake Lampkin
Executive Producer: Jack Eidt
Show Created by Mark and JP Morris
Music: Javier Kadry
Episode 68

Updated 1 February 2021

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