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A Global Perspective on Permaculture Design with Warren Brush


Hear on EcoJustice Radio renowned permaculture and resilience designer Warren Brush contemplate the importance of ecological balance across the globe.

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Permaculture, warren Brush, EcoJustice RadioHealing Communities Using Design Principles from Wild Nature

Humanity stands at the proverbial fork in the road where fateful and auspicious decisions are made. What human beings choose now, may well determine the survival or extinction of our own species and that of many others. During the UN Climate Conference COP26 in Glasgow — most of the world pledged to work together to cut carbon emissions. Despite this news, more is required of us individually and collectively to change the status quo.

STORY: Biotonomy: Designing Nature-Based Autonomous Buildings and Cities

Climate change, the pandemic, and our human-centric lifestyles, are exacerbating poverty, social inequities, world hunger, and ecosystem collapse. Climate refugees, losses in biodiversity and wildlife habitat all continue to mount. According to the U.N. Agency, World Food Programme, as of November 2021, 45 million people in 43 countries are on the verge of famine, up from 27 million two years ago. For many of us, regardless of where we live, access to clean air, water, food, soil, and shelter are not guaranteed. It is as sobering a time as it is one of great promise and potentiality.

A Global Perspective on Permaculture Design with Warren Brush - Ep. 120

Many around the globe are responding to the urgency of our times with permaculture design, a vehicle for healing communities and ensuring a collaborative, sustainable future.

STORY: Permaculture: Land-Based System of Human Rewilding

Permaculture in AfricaPermaculture is an integrative design system for sustainable, resilient, and abundant living. It emulates ecological relationships from wild nature and aims to protect and preserve water supply, agricultural land, and the greater environment. The practice encompasses architecture, horticulture, energy, waste management, and urban planning.

In this episode, hear renowned permaculture and resilience designer Warren Brush contemplate with us, the world as it might yet become. Warren has worked for over 30 years in agro-ecological education and regenerative system design for communities, private and public organizations, households, farms, and conservation properties worldwide. Warren is Co-Founder of True Nature Design and Quail Springs Permaculture. He talked with EcoJustice Radio on his variety of international resilience design and food security projects.

STORY: Permaculture Lessons From Fire: Restoring Paradise with Matthew Trumm

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Executive Producer: Jack Eidt
Interview by Carry Kim
Intro by Jessica Aldridge
Engineer and Original Music: Blake Quake Beats
Show Created by Mark and JP Morris
Episode 120
Image: Warren Brush

Updated 17 December 2021

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